Diabetic foot

Vascular diseases, pathological problems, infections and neuropathy are the fundamental pillars where the etiopathogenesis of the lesions generated by the diabetic foot can bring serious consequences to the patient. Diabetes is the main cause of the appearance of ulcers and skin lesions in about 25% of patients. This is due to the involvement of blood […]

Pressure ulcers

Pressure ulcers appear mostly in patients who are immobilized for a long period such as geriatric patients and factors such as circulatory disorders, skin dehydration, incontinence, etc. are involved. These types of injuries are caused in the parts of the body that are subjected to a certain pressure for a long time. There is another […]


Care, advice, education and training for relatives and patients with ostomies. Surgically created opening in the abdomen through which a small portion of the colon is brought to the surface. This opening is called a stoma, it allows feces to pass directly out of the body avoiding the injured area of ​​the colon. Sometimes that […]

Stem Cells

The raw material of our body are stem cells, from these cells all other cells with specific and specialized functions are generated. Under the right conditions, stem cells divide to form more cells known as “daughter cells.”This type of “daughter cells” transform into stem cells (self-renewal), some others into specialized cells (differentiation) with a specific […]

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