Wound Healing

Clinic specialized in healing complicated wounds

Acute wounds normally tend to heal efficiently through 4 phases: Hemostasis, Inflammation, Proliferation and Remodeling. The deficiency in any of these 4 phases added to other chronic diseases, infections, age or obesity, could perpetuate a wound which will never be able to heal or heal if the problems or pathologies that affect these 4 phases are not treated properly.

The treatment of each wound is different and depends on its location, concomitant diseases that the patient has, infection or colonization of the wound, time of evolution and other factors. At Proviquer we carry out a comprehensive analysis where we seek the best therapeutic plan for each patient according to their individual needs to improve and accelerate their healing and scarring.

Frequent questions

If your wound has not started to heal by 2 weeks.

If your wound has not fully healed by 6 weeks.

. Redness

. Swelling

. Pus or bleeding from the wound

. The pain gets worse

. Fever

. Shaking chills

. Pressure sores

. Surgical wounds

. Pressure wounds

. Radiation ulcers

. Ulcers caused by diabetes, poor circulation, diabetic foot

. Chronic bone infection (osteomyelitis)

. Hard-to-heal wounds can take months to heal. The sooner a correct treatment is carried out, the better and faster results you will obtain.

. Wound review and measurement

. Assess circulation around the wound

. Diagnosis and treatment plan

. Preventing and/or curing infections

. Preventing the loss of a limb

. Wound debridement

. Compression stockings

. Negative pressure therapy

. Growth factor

. Use of dressings

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