At Proviquer clinic you will achieve your nutrition goals with our nutritional method. We offer comprehensive nutrition consultations that include:

. Comprehensive evaluation: Anthropometric, biochemical, clinical, dietary, psychological factors and physical activity.

. Body composition.

. Energy expenditure.

. Meal Plan.

. Nutritional intervention.

. We adapt to your medical condition: cholesterol, hypertension or altered lipids.

Preventive aspects and the recommendation of healthy habits and lifestyles for any age in the entire population are important. Through our methods, follow-ups and consultations you will be able to meet your goals, control your weight and diseases such as obesity and overweight.

Our qualified staff works with you to achieve your health and nutrition goals.

They are the best option due to their characteristics and properties in each therapy in which they are used:

We know that each body and lifestyle is unique and at Proviquer we strive to understand your lifestyle and food needs to serve you with the professionalism and efficiency that you deserve.


Frequent Questions

Comprehensive assessment, design food plan adapted to your lifestyle, weekly monitoring, adaptable and tailor-made nutritional treatment, weekly consultations from 4 to 12 weeks and specialized food plans.

People who want to control their weight, patients with diabetes, cancer, gastrointestinal problems, pregnant women, high-performance athletes, vegetarians, boys and girls, the elderly and anyone who wants to improve their quality of life with a better diet.

We specialize in proposing personalized nutritional plans focused on your needs, our nutritionists evaluate your progress at each appointment and adjust your plan, changing what you don’t like or what isn’t working.

Only if you want and can or if your goals require it, our commitment is that you acquire healthy lifestyle habits that help and encourage you to feel better and continue with these practices for the rest of your life.


No, no patient who follows the instructions and improves their habits experiences a rebound thanks to the personalized strategy and even so when your treatment ends, we proceed with a maintenance diet for your future well-being.


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