Stem Cells

The raw material of our body are stem cells, from these cells all other cells with specific and specialized functions are generated. Under the right conditions, stem cells divide to form more cells known as “daughter cells.”
This type of “daughter cells” transform into stem cells (self-renewal), some others into specialized cells (differentiation) with a specific function and objectives such as blood cells, brain cells, heart muscle cells or bone cells. There are no other cell types in the body with the natural ability to generate new cell types.

Every cell within the body, including stem cells, includes the same genetic information. Except specialized cells such as those of the heart, lung, kidney, skin or bone, etc. These only access the genetic information that corresponds to their cell type. In other words, by specializing, these cells turn off all other genetic information and cannot access it again. In contrast, a stem cell has unlimited access to the entire catalog of our genome.

Not only do they have the ability to differentiate and regenerate damaged cells, organs or tissues, they also express proteins called “cellular messengers”, which travel directly to the bloodstream and unleash a signaling cascade to all the organs and cells of the body, reinforcing the immune system. immune, inflammatory response and activate the body’s natural regeneration mechanisms.
These types of proteins released through exomes are responsible for most of the therapeutic effects of stem cells at a systemic level.
At Proviquer we apply in multiple ways such as; intra-arterial, intrathecal, dermal and intravenous. Each application depends above all on the type of illness or objective to be achieved.

Mesenchymal cells are obtained from the endometrium, a tissue that is cyclically renewed naturally. They are separated from the tissue and cultured in a laboratory according to the specifications of the Official Mexican Standards and all COFEPRIS guidelines. The result is a universally compatible product with an approximate content of between 5 and 200 million mesenchymal stem cells, depending on the dose required, the types of applications and the recommendation of the treating physician.

Thus we certify that our products are sterile and suitable for human use via intra-articular, dermal or dermal application.
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