About Us

Founded by Adriana Amieva H. Military nurse with more than 20 years of experience caring for patients, older adults, critically ill patients and patients with wounds and stomas.

Graduated from the University of the Army and Air Force, Diploma in Thanatology (UNAM), Diploma in management skills (ITESO), with recertifications by the American Heart Association in advanced life support, Instructor certified by CONOCER Leader in Nursing service of the best hospital in the region.

“I realized the need in Puerto Vallarta to be able to acquire home services with quality, safety and trained personnel, with compassion and respect for the patient, which is why Proviquer was born” With a broad vision of the needs of patients, both in prevention and in the treatment of the disease, training in the use of equipment and emotional preparation for the family and the patient. When the family requires full support for the care of the patient, we send qualified personnel to assist them and we keep in touch frequently in order to provide comprehensive care.

W. Adriana Amieva Hernández

Regenerative Medicine

Wound Healing

Ostomy Clinic

IV Drip Therapy


Anti-aging Fibroblasts



  • Person- and family-centered care.
  • Humanization
  • Compassion
  • Quality
  • Security
  • Loyalty
  • Commitment


Provide home health care services through our highly trained talents.

Empowering the patient and his family, through health education, applying quality humanized care and making use of technology, focusing on the person and his family in a holistic concept




To be a regional leader in the provision of home care services and health products provided in a holistic manner in prevention, treatment, education and care; improving people’s quality of life.

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